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The workshop

Your tried and tested sewing machine has suddenly given up the ghost. You probably think that the repair is not worth it, because repairs are so expensive these days. And besides, you can get a new sewing machine in any supermarket at a low price.

But quality always has its price and the super bargain sewing machines are usually no good. Before you throw the money out the window, invest it in your old sewing machine, because you can have it repaired at a fair price with me.


The transaction

  • The process is simple and straightforward.

  • if you live nearby, just drop by with the machine, otherwise:

  • Step 1: You send me the sewing machine with a small note describing what exactly is missing from the sewing machine. Or if you wish to collect it (for an additional charge of 15 €), pack the sewing machine ready for dispatch and set a collection date by phone or email.

  • Step 2: I do repairs, overhauls, maintenance and service.

  • Step 3: After I put the sewing machine back in order, I'll let you know. You then transfer the costs * to my account, after receipt of the amount I will send your machine back to you at my expense.

  • If new spare parts are required for the repair, I will inform you of the estimated costs (thanks to my suppliers, I can guarantee low prices). If you agree to the additional costs, I will carry out the repair, otherwise I will send the machine back.

  • From years of experience I can say with certainty that most old sewing machines can be repaired without new spare parts, because back then they were made from robust, high-quality materials that are actually indestructible.

  • And here again in a nutshell:

  • 1. The sewing machine will be sent to me. (You pay shipping costs)

  • 2. I do repairs, maintenance, overhaul at a flat rate *, you then pay by bank transfer. If spare parts are required, additional costs may arise which will be discussed with you prior to the repair.

  • 3. the working machine will be sent back to you. (I take care of shipping costs)


Package deal

  • Package deal for repair, maintenance and overhaul

  • The cost estimate will be made available on request (by phone or via the Internet). The price depends on the time required, brands and models. If spare parts are required, additional costs may arise, but this will be agreed with you in advance. Most of the time, however, the error can be corrected without having to use spare parts, apart from the light bulb, etc.

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