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The top feed foot makes it easier to sew several layers of fabric and / or wadding without the layers of fabric shifting or warping. The top feed foot ensures that the fabric is fed evenly when there are several layers of fabric. The right or left edge ruler can be used to quilt or topstitch in a straight line. The wide opening shows exactly where the needle is going.


  • Remove the standard presser foot holder and presser foot from the sewing machine.
  • Place the top feed foot on the presser foot bar with the presser foot fork above the needle clamping screw. Fasten with the accessory screw.
  • Do not sink the feed dog. Set the sewing foot pressure to 2.5.
  • Straight stitching is recommended for quilting and topstitching. But you can also choose one of the many decorative stitches, including the quilt stitch with a handmade look, because decorative stitches can also be sewn with the top feed foot. It is best to try out special stitches and threads on scraps of fabric first. Right and left edge rulers of the top feed foot: Slide the edge ruler into the top feed foot to get perfectly parallel seams

Upper transport foot for Husqvarna VIKING and 2000 series

€24.99 Regular Price
€23.74Sale Price
VAT Included
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