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Upper knife and lower knife (perforated) for the following Singer overlock machines:

14U12A, 14U13A14U23A, 14U28, 14U234, 14U244, 14U285, 14U28614U32A, 14U32B, 14U34A, 14U34B, 14U344, 14U35414U44, 14U444, 14U454, 14U45UB, 14U4614U52A, 146514U55, 14U45BU65A, 14U45BU65, 14U45BU65A, 1465A55U, 14U45A, 14U45BU65, 146514U55 , 14SH65414SH74414CG744, 14CG754

Upper and lower knife (perforated) knife for Singer 14U-14SH

€19.99 Regular Price
€18.99Sale Price
VAT Included
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